EquadroDesign, with the collaboration of Fatichenti Moto, realize a Scrambler project of the new CB1OOOR, based on the legendary CR500 of the 80s and revisited in a modern key on the CB1000R honda.

The idea of ​​the concept was born in Italy in Chiusi, a small village in the Valdichiana, immersed in the Tuscan hills on the border with Umbria.
Immersed in a landscape where the dirt roads intersect the busy asphalt roads, in perfect harmony with this scrambler project.
A comfortable bike, which adapts to any situation from everyday use, roads of montaña, and eras etreme.
Faithful to the history of the Japanese parent company and rigorously made in Italy with many hand-crafted details.
This new design without equal, is easy to assemble, the spare parts are easy to find at www.fatichentimoto.it, make this bike unique and exclusive.

The strong point is the exhaust, designed by equadro.design, totally handmade and produced by Arrow Special Parts. Tall and lateraletypical of the classic scrambler tradition, but with a completely new, unusual and transgressive line. Designed not only to impress aesthetically, it has a captivating sound.
The fairings have been designed and designed by hand modeling the measurements directly on the bike and then transferred to a PC creating 3D models.
The components of this Honda cb1000 r made and designed by hand are: the tail, the side holders, the fairing, the parasteli and the front fender.

Subsequently, all the superfluous parts were removed, such as the rear fender and the chain guard, to make the bike more aggressive and attractive, replacing the handlebar with that of the Africa twin, to make the bike more manoeuvrable even on unpaved roads and footrests CR, to ensure greater grip.Pirelli MT60 RS tires, typical of scrambler bikes, perfect for mixed routes like those of the Tuscan hills where this CB1000R Scrambler was born. The assembly of the motorcycle was performed in the Fatichenti dealership by Massimo (the owner) and by the designer of equadro.design: Enrico Angella and Edoardo Terrosi. The result of this project is truly amazing. The easy kit is very easy to assemble, suitable for circulation on any road, from a greater personality to the bike. This Honda CB1000R Scrambler project demonstrates style of elegance and aggression and demonstrates that something big can always come from small businesses.The result has left me speechless, with a great desire to try this unique scrambler in the world I think it is an incredible project. Congratulations on the excellent work!