Licence Plate Stop Rules Porta Matricula Sportster


License Plate by StopRules, the only one with three positions. Handmade, self-regulation, designed for internal cable installation


Stop Rules born of the obsession to improve the aesthetics of a Harley Davidson Sportster.
Under this premise, the initiative to create a support that gathers multiple characteristics arises
both aesthetic and functional and that optimizes something as valuable today as is the

The support for license plates Stop Rules, consists of three positions as the main gadget.
All of them have been tested in mileage tests, which are optimal for your

This tridirectional element is composed of three pieces of stainless steel. With a
optimized design to improve its resistance to vibration, the three pieces remain
perfectly assembled for its correct functionality. Only with three points of
fixation, we can move the license plate in any of the three positions of which it consists.

Regarding the technical specifications of the support for license plates Stop Rules, positions one and two are lateral in two different length points. Position one is closer to the axis of the rear wheel, while position two reaches the rear end of the bike. With regard to position three, which is centered with the rear tire, meets all the requirements for both technical inspections and for circulation (distance to the axis, position, inclination) that marks the current regulations.


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