Roger Navat, present this incredible Honda XR 200.
Roger Navat, known as the man behind Navatek, is one of the first pioneer upholstery seat manufacturers in the scene of personalized motorcycles since 2012. Roger has always been a great lover of personalized motorcycles, up to the point that last year, he started a new motorcycle adventure until you get to win numerous awards.

Owner: Roger Navat
Builder: Navatek Custom Motorcycles (Navatek)
Location: Las Piñas, Metro Manila, Philippines
Photos: Rog Navat
Rog started with his workshop in his garage in Las Pinas and later founded his own Navatek Custom Motorcycles brand. This bike captured the attention of various judges until winning the Bike of the Night award at the Monkey Throttle Custom Bike Show that took place in Cainta in the celebration of the Anniversary of Garage Monkey Customs.

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The XR200, if produced from 1980 to 1983. The XR200 was equipped with an air-cooled 2-valve engine, rigorously controlled with a pedal. The suspension was conventional, like the XL185, but with components with a superior quality. Although the power of the XR200 is modest, the XR200 is small and light and suited even for less experienced pilots.